Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unit 9 Post

To start off, I got a late start on my papers for both classes so basically its like a last minute thing for me. I really hate writing unless it is free writing. If I could just sit here and free write every paper like I do on blogs, things would be much easier. Its been a long semester for me and I'm glad its almost over. I do enjoy the week break in between semesters. I just wished we could of had a summer break like my children. It has been very rough trying to get school work done and take care of children 24/7.

Anyways, I just turned 30 Sunday and I really don't feel any older. :) I got my hair cut over the weekend then had my friend redye it for me. This time the hair dye stayed and didn't wash out like the last one. I didn't do much for my birthday but went out to dinner with the family. I originally wanted to go to the casino for my birthday but we didn't have the money this time to go. Even when we do go we have a set limit we spend.

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  1. Nancy - Happy belated birthday! Summertime with kids can be very trying!!