Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unit 7 Questions

To answer one of the questions on the blog, I really don't know what to say on how I feel about peer reviews. I would most likely appreciate the feedbacks on how to improve on my project but I am really behind on getting my draft finished and posted. I know there will be points deducted but I'm going to try and get all my work caught up asap. The past few weeks have been rough and just starting to slow down.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unit 6 Blog

For the past six weeks I have been dealing with stress for the most part. I kind of hate my A&P 2 class. Seems like there isn't anything good enough for that professor. Anyways, I've been working on research for breast cancer and working on writing my paper for A&P 2. I have to write 8 to 10 pages on the heart for A&P 2. Now for the research paper on Breast Cancer has been a little touchy subject to deal with, I lost an aunt due to breast cancer about 2 years ago. So i've been reading about the routine exams and ways to prevent breast cancer. Which smoking plays a factor in breast cancer. I'm glad I don't smoke and my mother doesn't smoke. So far my mother hasn't been diagnosed with it and she will be 51 in two months. They say breast cancer gets even riskier as you age.

I know this blog is kind of short but I really didn't have much to say.

Stressful weekend

As everyone knows it was father's day this past Sunday and it was a little hard for me to face the fact that my father was gone. I think I made it through the day without being too emotional. Just what really made my weekend go bad was, my hubby's grandmother, who I consider as my grandmother was rushed to the hospital a few hours after we took her back home. She was here at our house for the weekend and she was doing good. When she got home she was just relaxing and having conversations with everyone telling them how here weekend was. Then she asked her daughter ( hubby's aunt Diane) to make her something to snack because she was a little hungry. So Diane went to make her some pizza rolls and grandma was still talking at that time then all of a sudden her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell over. She was unresponsive for a few minutes and they were performing CPR on her while they waited on the ambulance to get there. The ambulance sat in the drive way for 15 Min's trying to do CPR on her and put iv's in her arm before they took off to the hospital. CPR finally worked on her. So she has been hospitalized for a couple of days now and they don't plan on sending her home yet. One doctor thinks she may had a little stroke. They are doing all kinds of test on her. Her heart rate keeps jumping high then goes down very low. Its wacky. They said she has a lack of oxygen to her brain that is causing her to be a little spacey about things. She was confused after she woke up the next morning and pulled her iv's out and started wondering off around the room. So the doctors were telling aunt Diane that they could put restraints on her or give her some medication to keep her asleep at night. Diane said there is no way she is letting them do that. So she has asked everyone in the family to rotate shifts on staying with grandma till she gets released from the hospital.

We know in our heart that grandma is a strong 91 year old. The doctors were talking about putting stints in her heart, they are waiting on test results to come back before they make their minds up. After my hubby gets off work, we are going back to the hospital to relieve his aunt so she can go home get a few hours of sleep and eat. It has been a rough weekend and so far the beginning of this week too. I lost my grandmother when I was 12 years old. Ever since I met his grandma 13 years ago, she has accepted me as her own blood granddaughter. She is a very sweet little lady. If she doesn't like you she will let you know right away. I got lucky to have her in my life and I'm not ready to let her go yet. Well enough writing for now, it is a little depressing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vent time about my lilttle sister

My youngest sister is 22 and has a beautiful little girl who is only 8 months old. My sister seems to be doing drugs and drinking a lot with her so called boyfriend. Before she got pregnant with my niece, she was doing the same stuff with her boyfriend, then he got locked up in jail for a little while. She started straightening herself up while he was locked away when she found out she was pregnant. She blames her bad stuff on the death of my father. To me, she was like this before he even passed away. My father always argued with her trying to get her to straighten her act up and she just disrespect him and did whatever she wanted. Well now that my father has been gone for over a year now, she has done nothing but disrespect her mother and aunt by doing the same stuff and leaving my niece at home with them all the time. She is very lucky that they care about the baby and love her to death. There has been times I went over to drop off my kids for a night and walked in on her boyfriend drinking in the house and them smoking. I just bit my tongue because it's not my house. I don't understand why my aunt and step mother lets her do them like that. My cousin who lives there said something to her boyfriend one night and my sister got mad at him. He told him there will be no smoking or drinking in that house or garage and he can take his stuff elsewhere. My father never allowed smoking or drinking in his house when he was alive. I sear one of these days I might hurt her feelings but she is going to get an ear full from me on how I feel about the way she is doing things to everyone. I just wished she would wake up and realize that she has her daughter and family that care about her so she should just stop all the nonsense and grow up.

Like this morning, she was driving my aunt's car and I know she had to be messed up on something like she always is, and wrecked her car saying that she slid in the rain and hit a curb. Now my aunt has no transportation. My sister had her own car but she let her boyfriend drive with no license and he has wrecked her car so many times it doesn't even run now. Her car is just sitting in the drive way all beat up with big dents everywhere and busted windshield. I don't even think my little sister has her license anymore. Why can't people just learn to say no to her?? Well enough venting for now.

What a busy start for the summer

So far since my children have been out of school things have been extremely busy around here. We have been doing more things with the kids and enjoying our family time together. Over this past weekend has been crazy weather messing plans up. It started off with us having a family reunion on Saturday then go fishing afterwards, well the rain messed those plans up. We did try to go fishing in the rain for about an hour. My youngest son started crying because he was scared of the storms that were rolling through as we were packing things up to go home from fishing for that hour. We would of stayed longer but lighting strikes were getting close and bad. More dark clouds, heavy rain and thunder was coming towards us so we called it quits.

Well then Sunday came and we had to go to a family event so they could hand out bowling trophies and cash prizes everyone won from the league. My mother and father in law won first place in the league this year. So they talked us into joining the bowling league this coming up August. I think it would be fun, I just don't like how my fingers and nails get sore from the bowling ball. Kids will enjoy us going to the bowling alley once a week for the league where they can play with the other kids and do some bowling afterwards. Well this is enough for this blog :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend :)

It was a very nice weekend even though we had a few showers here and there but that didn't stop us from taking the kids to breakfast Saturday morning then we went fishing for like 8 hours. We bought the kids new fishing poles as a surprise for them to have their own poles now. They were excited and what made their day even better, daddy took them to the bait store and let them pick out their own colored fishing line. Where we been fishing at has been the perfect spot this year to catch plenty of fish even some turtles. Last few years we been fishing hasn't been this much fun like it is this year.

It looks like fishing is on the agenda every weekend now. My husband wants to go night fishing this coming up weekend since we have a big family reunion to go to. I hate going to family reunions, lol I don't know everyone there and rather stay to myself. Well enough writing on this for now, I need to finish up some school work :).