Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a random post

This is my first time blogging and so far the setup was easy just took me a little bit to think about the title for it. I love being a stay at home mom but there are times that I wished I had a job instead of being at home 24/7 being bored. It's great to be able to get up at 6am during the week and get the kids off school and then send hubby off to work and go back to bed. I normally go back to bed if I don't have any errands to do for the day then I get up and look at my school work to see what I have to get done. After I get school out of the way for the day, I take care of the animals off and on during the day and housework. When I get bored I will play farmville on face book or family feud, but here lately face book has been boring and farmville is driving me nuts. Farmville has too much lag where I can't even take care of my animals. LOL.

Other than playing on face book, I play world of warcraft online with lots of people everywhere. I love that game and I blame my husband for getting me addicted to it back in 2007. Even though I rather play that game instead of doing school work, I have prioritized my school work to be done first before anything else even though I slack on getting my projects done at the last minute. When it comes to writing papers for the final project I have issues with the APA formatting and lack of motivation. I usually write my final project in one day and do a good job but I'm going to start working on getting my projects done early so I can receive feedback from the writing center.

I think I have written enough to start off with my first blog, I'll write more later when I have free time, its time to get kids to the bus stop. I will accept any feed backs from anyone on my blogs, feel free to leave comments. :)

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