Monday, May 24, 2010

My Weekend :)

My weekend turned out to be great even though Saturday was my father's one year memorial since he has been gone. Here lately the past few months has been great here at home and with other family members. My father in law, which is my husband's real dad just recently started to come over and visit and hang out with the whole family. He has finally straighten his self up to where he doesn't do any drugs like he used too. He had a stroke years ago right around the time when I first met my husband back in 1996. He has made every happy now that he comes around to spend time with all of us and we been having cookouts at each other's house every other weekend just to enjoy the moments.

I was talking to my husband last night and asked him what he thought about it all. He said he was very happy to see his real dad come back around to spend time with him and our kids. We plan on doing more things this summer with our family. Last few summers we didn't really get to do much due to financial situations. My future is changing now that my husband has a good job. I think my children will have a great summer this year, we plan on doing a lot of fishing, camping and going to the zoo. We do plan on taking them to Chicago to see the Oceanarium. I've never been there so it is going to be great.

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