Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stressful weekend

As everyone knows it was father's day this past Sunday and it was a little hard for me to face the fact that my father was gone. I think I made it through the day without being too emotional. Just what really made my weekend go bad was, my hubby's grandmother, who I consider as my grandmother was rushed to the hospital a few hours after we took her back home. She was here at our house for the weekend and she was doing good. When she got home she was just relaxing and having conversations with everyone telling them how here weekend was. Then she asked her daughter ( hubby's aunt Diane) to make her something to snack because she was a little hungry. So Diane went to make her some pizza rolls and grandma was still talking at that time then all of a sudden her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell over. She was unresponsive for a few minutes and they were performing CPR on her while they waited on the ambulance to get there. The ambulance sat in the drive way for 15 Min's trying to do CPR on her and put iv's in her arm before they took off to the hospital. CPR finally worked on her. So she has been hospitalized for a couple of days now and they don't plan on sending her home yet. One doctor thinks she may had a little stroke. They are doing all kinds of test on her. Her heart rate keeps jumping high then goes down very low. Its wacky. They said she has a lack of oxygen to her brain that is causing her to be a little spacey about things. She was confused after she woke up the next morning and pulled her iv's out and started wondering off around the room. So the doctors were telling aunt Diane that they could put restraints on her or give her some medication to keep her asleep at night. Diane said there is no way she is letting them do that. So she has asked everyone in the family to rotate shifts on staying with grandma till she gets released from the hospital.

We know in our heart that grandma is a strong 91 year old. The doctors were talking about putting stints in her heart, they are waiting on test results to come back before they make their minds up. After my hubby gets off work, we are going back to the hospital to relieve his aunt so she can go home get a few hours of sleep and eat. It has been a rough weekend and so far the beginning of this week too. I lost my grandmother when I was 12 years old. Ever since I met his grandma 13 years ago, she has accepted me as her own blood granddaughter. She is a very sweet little lady. If she doesn't like you she will let you know right away. I got lucky to have her in my life and I'm not ready to let her go yet. Well enough writing for now, it is a little depressing.

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