Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vent time about my lilttle sister

My youngest sister is 22 and has a beautiful little girl who is only 8 months old. My sister seems to be doing drugs and drinking a lot with her so called boyfriend. Before she got pregnant with my niece, she was doing the same stuff with her boyfriend, then he got locked up in jail for a little while. She started straightening herself up while he was locked away when she found out she was pregnant. She blames her bad stuff on the death of my father. To me, she was like this before he even passed away. My father always argued with her trying to get her to straighten her act up and she just disrespect him and did whatever she wanted. Well now that my father has been gone for over a year now, she has done nothing but disrespect her mother and aunt by doing the same stuff and leaving my niece at home with them all the time. She is very lucky that they care about the baby and love her to death. There has been times I went over to drop off my kids for a night and walked in on her boyfriend drinking in the house and them smoking. I just bit my tongue because it's not my house. I don't understand why my aunt and step mother lets her do them like that. My cousin who lives there said something to her boyfriend one night and my sister got mad at him. He told him there will be no smoking or drinking in that house or garage and he can take his stuff elsewhere. My father never allowed smoking or drinking in his house when he was alive. I sear one of these days I might hurt her feelings but she is going to get an ear full from me on how I feel about the way she is doing things to everyone. I just wished she would wake up and realize that she has her daughter and family that care about her so she should just stop all the nonsense and grow up.

Like this morning, she was driving my aunt's car and I know she had to be messed up on something like she always is, and wrecked her car saying that she slid in the rain and hit a curb. Now my aunt has no transportation. My sister had her own car but she let her boyfriend drive with no license and he has wrecked her car so many times it doesn't even run now. Her car is just sitting in the drive way all beat up with big dents everywhere and busted windshield. I don't even think my little sister has her license anymore. Why can't people just learn to say no to her?? Well enough venting for now.

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  1. Nancy as long as everyone keeps on taking care of her and allowing her to treat them that way your sister will never change. If you got whatever you wanted, did what you wanted, and got away with it would you change or grow up. Everyone is enabling her so why should she grow up until someone puts there foot down and keeps it down nothing is going to change. If she is 22 yrs why doesn't she have her own place anyway and why is her boyfriend living there too? Oh my I would be kicking her and her boyfriend's butts out keep the baby and let them figure it out on their own. I am sorry but I do not like disrespectful people little lone users to boot. Keep your head up and don't allow her to take advantage of you and your family. The best of luck to you.