Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend :)

It was a very nice weekend even though we had a few showers here and there but that didn't stop us from taking the kids to breakfast Saturday morning then we went fishing for like 8 hours. We bought the kids new fishing poles as a surprise for them to have their own poles now. They were excited and what made their day even better, daddy took them to the bait store and let them pick out their own colored fishing line. Where we been fishing at has been the perfect spot this year to catch plenty of fish even some turtles. Last few years we been fishing hasn't been this much fun like it is this year.

It looks like fishing is on the agenda every weekend now. My husband wants to go night fishing this coming up weekend since we have a big family reunion to go to. I hate going to family reunions, lol I don't know everyone there and rather stay to myself. Well enough writing on this for now, I need to finish up some school work :).

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