Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a busy start for the summer

So far since my children have been out of school things have been extremely busy around here. We have been doing more things with the kids and enjoying our family time together. Over this past weekend has been crazy weather messing plans up. It started off with us having a family reunion on Saturday then go fishing afterwards, well the rain messed those plans up. We did try to go fishing in the rain for about an hour. My youngest son started crying because he was scared of the storms that were rolling through as we were packing things up to go home from fishing for that hour. We would of stayed longer but lighting strikes were getting close and bad. More dark clouds, heavy rain and thunder was coming towards us so we called it quits.

Well then Sunday came and we had to go to a family event so they could hand out bowling trophies and cash prizes everyone won from the league. My mother and father in law won first place in the league this year. So they talked us into joining the bowling league this coming up August. I think it would be fun, I just don't like how my fingers and nails get sore from the bowling ball. Kids will enjoy us going to the bowling alley once a week for the league where they can play with the other kids and do some bowling afterwards. Well this is enough for this blog :)

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